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The Rev Fans


3/13/09 11:17 pm - elegyofgrace


9/25/06 09:23 pm - sin_river

Hey! I'm new, at least to this particular comm, though not to The Rev's fanbase!

Does anyone have any good pictures of The Rev's latest hairstyles?

10/22/05 06:23 pm - emptypromises13 - New Forum

Hey guys, this is a new forum for Avenged Sevenfold, just made and we have been getting a lot of new people. I would really appreciate it if you guys joined.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^click. and join! :)

9/4/05 04:56 pm - my2nd_heartbeat

I have heard that the rev has recently gotten a girlfriend? Is this true? If so, does anyone know who it is? This isn't out of jelousy or anything (because it probably sounds like it), I just was being curious.

9/3/05 02:20 pm - innocentgirl_13 - im new

Hi. I'm MJ. I'm new.
I love The Rev and Avenged Sevenfold. He is definetly one of my favorite drummers and a huge inspiration on me to play drums. Okay, so I don't play them yet, but only becuase I don't have a job yet to get the money to buy a drum kit. But I'm working on it. Anyway.
Okay I shall stop boring you now. Just wanted to introduce myself.

9/1/05 01:15 pm - snapdog - Icons. Wheee!

I felt bad making you guys wait...The community looks like it's dead anyways. So, I've decided to post what do icons I have finished so far. All of these are up for grabs (including the Bat-Swatting icon I'm using now), and I don't really need credit, if anything, credit the sites where the images came from.


ClickCollapse )

8/21/05 11:47 am - snapdog

Whooo. =) Hey everyone! *waves* My name's Sarah, and I'm new here. It's a shame the community seems to be dead, but we shouldn't let a good thing go to waste, right?

Well, anyways, I was just dropping in to say I'm working on a patch of The Rev icons and graphics, but for now, you can oogle over this.
Swatting bats!Collapse )

Anyways, hope to talk to you all soon. Drop me a line sometime, I'm friendly.

6/21/05 06:15 pm - karseystreet

Does anyone know where to get bunches of pix of The Rev. Live or just random pix. Doesn't matter.
If you could like...email me links or pix I would be so grateful and I would love you forever.
Email- saidxandxdone@yahoo.com of if its easier to i/m them to me- xxxashadowsxxx


3/17/05 08:28 pm - probey

Hey everyone I got some stuff you might be interested in.
I made a community not too long ago (maybe a week or longer) & it's dedicated to M. Shadows. I made it because (for what I saw) there were no communities made for him. Now this may have changed recently but I didn't see any at the time... The community is not completely set up though. It has a background but the picture is small-ish. I am enlarging it & placing some things on it but I do not know how long that will take considering I just got through with exams & am working on A.M.I.'s... Please join it. You do not have to fill out an app or anything, just simply join. Thank you.
Join it now! All you do is click & vwahla. I am also looking for another mod(s) so let me know <3

3/13/05 04:35 am - xjackedupx

this is what happends when the boys play with paintCollapse )

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