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The Rev Fans

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3/8/05 07:00 pm - slow____motion


Why? Because I'll eat your soul and your children if you don't.

Actually, it's so I can get shipped out of this god forsaken state the US calls Florida and get some supasweet pictures of the band for you guys with my flashy new manual.

One of the friendly mods.

2/21/05 11:19 pm - xlittlepadawan - New Layout

New layout. I did not have permission for one of the photos that I used in the previous layout. It totally slipped my mind to ask. Also, one of the banners that Ashley had made for the profile was removed because no permission was given for that photo. If you are using the banner with The Rev drinking a beer, I ask that you please remove it and use the other community banner. My apologies again to Keri for the pictures. How do you all like this layout?

2/14/05 09:19 pm - charchie_leigh - The Great Rev debate...

WELLY WELL WELL...so me, Jess and a few others have had many an argument about how old the Rev is. We've always said 19, and he's been quoted as saying that was how old he was too. BUT...i just saw this on the Q+A on the official message board. this is zacky answering "what was everyone's 21st birthday like?"....

"mine was shitty we were playing some hole in the wall in portland and some girl broke her ribs during our set then later i went to a indian casino and lost the only 50 dollars i had to my name in 30 seconds.

shads was in like south carolina or some shit we had just played some backwoods place and we then all went to a bar where the bar tender had to lock out some drunk ladies husband because he had a baseball bat and was gonna kill her or something. meanwhile the rev was trying to pimp her.

i dont remember syns i think it was during warped tour and Im sure it sucked as bad as the prior two stories.

the rev was probably in jail i forget

johnnys 21st birthday took place in the future."

soooooooo it would seem that Johnny is the only one thats uner 21...never mind 19! hahahaha strange...im so confused

2/12/05 04:45 pm - xlittlepadawan

I forgot to post in here last night. Deadline got moved. You need to have you messages for The Rev to me tonight by midnight, eastern time. Because I'm sending it tonight at midnight.

2/10/05 07:08 pm - xlittlepadawan - Birthday Messages for The Rev

As you may or may not know, The Rev's birthday is at some point in February. I've been given dates from te 9th-19th. So I'm sending him a birthday e-mail like I did for Zacky. If you're not a member of zvengeance_fans, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. But, what I did was have community members send me meesages that I would send in one huge group e-mail to Zacky, and now I'll be sending one to The Rev. Get your messages to me by February 14th a 10:00 p.m., eastern time, or your message will not be sent. Post your message in the comments, e-mail me, or IM me if you'd like. Please send me a message if you read this, I want a great e-mail to be sent to The Rev.

1/30/05 10:01 pm - slow____motion

Hello, you crazy kids, you. It's your friendly neighborhood moderator =). Just wanted to say that pretty soon I'll have a few working copies of some cool photo editing/animation programs and a bunch of free time. So expect some new icons, backgrounds, whatever.

Let's keep this place alive, huh? Go spread the word, I want this community to be epic.


1/19/05 04:42 pm - xsaid_and_donex

hey ya'll i made a few icon bases!


1/10/05 03:22 pm - xsaid_and_donex

hey ya'll i made two icon bases.. ill have more in a few days


1/9/05 06:08 pm - xsaid_and_donex

hey me and a few friends made a new avenged sevenfold community so if ya'll could check it out, thatd be awesome



1/8/05 10:39 pm - xsaid_and_donex

hey ya'll i made some stuff for ya'll to look at... enjoy!


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